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Quick Connect VoIP Emergency 911 Information

Quick Connect USA understands the importance of emergency 911 service. With Quick Connect USA VoIP service, Enhanced 911 (E911) emergency service is offered and operates by automatically routing emergency calls to emergency personnel at the local Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs).

Since Quick Connect VoIP's E911 calls are routed as emergency traffic and accompanied by E911 information provided by the caller, callers should receive the same response and attention from emergency personnel that they would normally receive from traditional telephone 911 service. Quick Connect VoIP's E911's service also eliminates the need for operators to verify the caller's location (since the caller's physical address would be on file at the local PSAP), which could be vital in cases where the caller may not have the ability to verbally communicate as a result of the emergency situation.

Until now, a majority of VoIP service providers either did not support 911 emergency calls or utilized "10-digit routing" techniques to pass 911 calls to non-emergency, telephone numbers. These "10-digit routing" techniques typically resulted in 911 calls being connected to a variety of locations, including non-emergency or administrative lines of PSAPs, "crime-not-in-progress" lines of a police stations or, in some instances, invalid numbers.

Quick Connect USA's E911 Service is Reliable

If you subscribe to Quick Connect VoIP's E911 service, your emergency 911 call will automatically be directed to the local PSAP that handles all 911 Emergencies in your area. The emergency 911 operator will automatically receive your telephone number and physical location information via telephone and computer-based systems. All you will be required to do is explain the emergency. In the event you are unable to verbally speak, the emergency operator will still know your location and will have the ability to send an emergency team to relieve you from the emergency.

Quick Connect VoIP's E911 support is an optional service for all Quick Connect VOiP residential and business service plans. To have access to the E911 service, you must pay a nominal monthly fee (monthly fees vary based on county). If you decline E911 service, you will not have direct access to emergency personnel via your Quick Connect VoIP line. Though Quick Connect VoIP's E911 service is not currently available in all areas, we are expanding the service rapidly. If E911 is not yet available in your area, we encourage you to check back frequently. Curently, Quick Connect VoIP's E911 service is available only in the lower peninsula of Michigan.

Service Outages Can Prevent E911 Access

Quick Connect USA's VoIP service, including E911 service, does not function during a power failure or broadband service disruption. It is recommended that the customer acquire a battery back-up power source for their VoIP device and service and follow all manufacturer's recommendations to ensure its functionality. You must subscribe to Quick Connect USA's E911 and provide the physical location of your Quick Connect USA's line for 911 dialing on your phone to function. When you sign up for Quick Connect's E911 service, you must complete our Emergency Service-911 Dialing form, which provides us your actual physical address. We will verify that your telephone number and address are supported by our E911 service by sending you an e-mail notifying you the service has been activated. Upon activation, when you dial 911, the call will be routed to the local PSAP designated for the physical address you have registered with Quick Connect USA.

Unlike traditional telephone lines, Quick Connect USA's VoIP service is portable to any location in the world with broadband internet service. For example, you can have a Detroit telephone number and receive calls when physically located in San Francisco. Please remember that when you travel with you VoIP adapter, Quick Connect's E911 service will automatically route your emergency 911 call to the local emergency PSAP location for the physical address on file, not your temporary location.

If you move, you MUST provide your new location. To do so, please call the Quick Connect USA Customer Service department at 1 (800) GO-QUICK or you may e-mail service@800goquick.com.