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911 Registered Location

As a result of a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Order, dated June 3, 2005, Quick Connect USA, beginning on November 29, 2005, must provide Emergency 911 (E911) service to any VoIP subscriber, except in areas where 911 service is not available through the local landline regulated telephone company or if the subscriber is located outside of the United States of America.

Plain 911 service provides the emergency operator with the calling phone number. E911 service provides the emergency operator with the additional information of the caller’s registered name and address. E911 is a higher grade of service since the operator can send emergency aid to a known address without speaking with the caller who may be unconscious or otherwise unable to speak and communicate their location. E911 requires enhanced equipment and is not available in some counties that have not upgraded their 911 system.

The FCC has specifically prohibited end VoIP users from opting in or out of this requirement, regardless of whether the subscriber of the VoIP service has 911 at the resident or business location via some other means.

The street address of the location at which the VoIP subscriber initially connects their ATA VoIP converter device to a broadband connection is called the “Initial Registered Location”. This address will be reported to the “Automatic Location Identification (ALI) Database, which then passes this information onto the E911. Therefore, the subscriber and only the subscriber, has the absolute duty and right to notify Quick of any changes to the Initial Registered Location and any subsequent Registered Locations.

Effective November 30, 2005, the VoIP subscriber may change the Registered Location by wither (1) telephoning Quick Connect USA’s home office via 1 (800) GO-QUICK during normal business hours, or by visiting the Registered Location Login page on this site.

PLEASE NOTE: The change in the Registered Location address will not be effective until at least 72 hours after Quick Connect USA has sent the new address to the ALI database, and that changes will only be made to the database on standard, non-holiday business days. The ALI does not send Quick Connect reply information to confirm it has received or made the change.