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Quick Connect USA's Quick Capture
Enterprise Technology at Small Business Cost

What is Quick Capture?

Have you ever wondered how major corporations are able to access your customer records instantly - saving you time and the headache of repeating yourself? Have you ever sought for a way to obtain such technology for your business without enduring the cost associated with the expensive software only large businesses enterprises could previously afford? We pondered the same thoughts as well, which is why we decided to create the solution from the ground up.

Quick Capture is a computer-based application offered exclusively through Quick Connect USA. Like traditional caller ID, Quick Capture identifies the incoming call the instant your phone rings by displaying the caller’s name and telephone number on your computer screen. UNLIKE traditional caller ID, you receive the caller’s address along with all of the information that has been filed, stored and organized by your company’s employees over time.

Endless Solutions

Quick Capture allows you to create a database of customers, contacts, and leads that are displayed the instant the phone rings. Not only will this program improve your customer service relations, but your overall company management structure as well. Quick Capture includes built-in authorization levels that allow managers to monitor the call activity of employees in real time. In addition, this software improves your organization’s communications by offering such features as instant messaging, task lists, document storage, and connections to your Microsoft Outlook® email.

Quick Capture functions together with your Quick Connect-managed hosted system. Place outgoing calls, transfer calls to colleagues’ extensions or outside telephone numbers within your database, send incoming calls to voicemail, place current calls on hold, and conference other users into a call with just a simple click of the mouse. Quick Capture has been designed to work in conjunction with your IP telephone to allow for simple and time-saving call management.

The built-in features of Quick Capture will satisfy, over and above, the needs of any small company. However, what if you want to take the program to the next level? Quick Connect provides a free Software Development Kit, which gives you the ability to create customized Quick Capture applications, along with the ability to utilize all the information and events inside of Quick Capture to work with your company’s existing applications. As always, if your company does not have the resources to produce and implement such projects, give us a call and let our staff of talented and highly-skilled programmers go to work for you. The possibilities and ideas are truly endless.

Easy Deployment

Simply download and install Quick Capture from our web site. Log-in with your registered username and start “capturing” information regarding potential leads or your current customers. The Quick Capture servers are hosted directly on Quick Connect USA’s network. Service and equipment upgrades are automatic. The Quick Capture user never has to put forth any investment - ever.

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