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Enterprise Dedicated Internet Access

Quick Connect USA provides customized and exclusive Internet access solutions for each of its customers.

Most companies in today’s commercial environment are conducting a majority of their business over the Internet. As a result, it is essential for a company to have the correct connection speed to accommodate their needs. With Quick’s Internet Service Solutions, you can feel rest assured that your company will receive an unparalleled guarantee of quality and dependability. We will keep you connected with the speed and service you are paying for.

Quick Connect USA provides Internet access via a T-1 connection at various connection speeds to suit your company’s data needs. Fractionated T-1s that share its bandwidth for both voice and data are also available on all levels for customizable use from 64 kbs increments up to 1.54 mbs. Many customers find that such sharing brings their total cost of voice and data below their current costs while affording them a higher quality of service than their current arrangements.

Quick can also bond several T-1s together to achieve 3 mbs speeds, which in a majority of situations, is the perfect solution for companies who are looking to transport large files or who have a significant amount of users connected to the Internet.

For 10 to 100 mbs solutions, Quick can utilize its status as an "authorized selling partner” for Charter Cable and a "preferred provider” of Comcast Cable high speed Internet services on a nationwide basis depending on location and cost of build-outs, virtually anywhere near their networks. Every application is custom engineered and priced to meet the customer’s specific design criteria and needs.

Sometimes, customers want a duplicitous Internet solution that combines T-1 and cable Internet service from a single provider, a solution that is currently only available through Quick Connect USA!

For more information regarding Quick Connect USA’s Internet products, please contact 1 (800) GO-QUICK.