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Managed Firewall Security

With the internet comes risk. The risk involves hackers who try to steel and damage your company’s data and assets. It is imperative for a company in today’s world to have a well-planned security strategy to lessen the company’s vulnerability. With Quick Connect USA’s Managed Network Security plan, any size company can enjoy the level of security enjoyed by Fortune 500 companies.

Let Quick’s security experts analyze and protect every single packet and email that enters or exists your network. Quick utilizes the most advanced inspection techniques and our security experts are able to eliminate attacks, spam, and viruses. Quick achieves this by:

  • Securing your network and keeping your data private
  • Professional and quality engineering and design
  • Preventing attacks from reaching your network
  • Securing access to corporate networks
  • Firewall protection
  • Securing internet connectivity through a Virtual Private Network
  • Quick uses market-leading security technology, which is constantly updated

This Quick Connect USA service is fully-managed with PERSONALIZED customer service. Viruses mutate on a daily basis, your company requires and deserves our full-time attention and our immediate response time. In addition, our team will also provide your company with monthly security reports, which track the potential hackers and viruses that were unsuccessful in their attempts to enter your network. The security installation is hassle-free and seamless.

For more information regarding Quick Connect USA’s Managed Network Security services, please contact 1 (800) GO-QUICK.