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Remote Data Backup and Data Recovery Service

In today’s global environment, with large networks and huge storage systems that contain increasing amounts of data, today’s businesses require data backup and data recovery solutions that offer maximum reliability while also supporting full productivity and efficiency. Without an effective data backup and data recovery solution, organizations can potentially face devastating data loss and downtime. Events and disasters are often unpredictable. Fires, floods, explosions, tornadoes, are out of one’s control when they strike. Even the criminal threats from hackers, viruses, and worms, can erase or cause hard disk issues. These are real events that affect businesses every day. Individually, on our own computers, we have learned how important it is to click “save” every five minutes while writing a lengthy document. We click on “save” precisely because we have all lost data do to a power failure and we understand how frustrating it was not to have made a recent save of our document. Imagine the frustration of losing valuable company information.

Quick Connect USA understands the importance of data information to your business. Years of important documents, briefs, customer records, financial information, contracts, etc. are located within your data network. In an instant moment, company records could be lost, which can lead to devastation and shut down your operations. Industry analysts have reported that 50% of businesses that loose their data never open their doors again. Of the businesses that do re-open, 90% of them end up closing within two years. In today’s world, it is crucial to have a reliable and secure data backup and data recovery service. A recent survey by AT&T finds that Detroit area companies do not have an adequate plan to combat the disasters that their networks may face. This survey was conducted using 1000 senior IT executives nationwide including 100 from Detroit area companies with over $100 million a year in revenue. The survey concluded that in the Detroit Metropolitan Area, despite the fact that nearly 33% of local businesses have suffered from a natural disaster and virus attacks and security breaches, over 30% do not have adequate plans in place to cope with such disasters. These natural disasters and virus attacks have negatively impacted customers relationships (38%) , causing loss in their workforce (25%). Since most businesses today are heavily reliant on the uninterrupted flow of information, any disruption can have devastating consequences. Our experience at Quick is that very few businesses with less than $10 million in revenues have up to the minute daily exact copies of their critical data stored off premises in a safe environment.

Quick Connect USA offers our Data Backup and Data Recovery product to eliminate concerns and to help you sleep at night. Our Data Backup and Data Recovery program provides automatic, after hours backup of your vital files and redundant storage of your data in our data center. Even if you perform regular manual backups, there is always a risk involved with human intervention. Quick’s solution ensures that you can obtain a recent data backup of your data regardless of what happens to your equipment or environment. The additional storage is offsite from your premise, which is important in the event of a fire, or any other disaster that could cause damage to your on-site storage system. Our remote facility operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Feel confident knowing that Quick’s data backup and data recovery professionals are continuously monitoring and restoring operations. All data backups are performed automatically and daily over secured network connections to Quick’s remote and secure data center. You can trust that your data will always be protected and available for immediate recovery. Each data backup and data recovery program can be customized and configured to meet your usage and storage needs.

You can save your company thousands, even millions of dollars by ensuring business continuity in the event of data loss from the company’s servers and all work stations. Your company’s critical data is always protected.

For more information regarding the Quick Connect USA Data Backup and Data Recovery service, please contact 1 (800) GO-QUICK.