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In addition to providing phone service, Quick Connect USA is also an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is dual homed (added reliability). As a result, we provide high speed Internet access for our customers that desire to maximize the use of a T-1 for both voice and data. We offer T-1 and bonded T-1 services that are dedicated to Internet Access. As a single source operation, we frequently host web sites along with applications for our customers. In addition, we also offer web hosting as a stand alone service. We further leverage the T-1 facilities by providing data backup and data recovery services. We use the customerís T-1 in the early morning hours to transmit changes in a customer's data files to our specially protected servers located in a class 1 facility (highest level facility). Accordingly, we can and do offer this product as a stand alone service. Additional services include designing and installing wiring on the customer premise in preparation for installing our business phone systems. This service is offered on a stand alone basis. Finally, our internal operations are highly computerized and automated by an in-house staff of expert computer programmers. We occasionally make our programmers available on a contract basis for interesting data base projects. Click on these topics for a more in-depth description.