VoIP Benefits: Reduced Risk

Obsolescence Protection

  • Only investment required is in standards-based routers and IP phones that can be deployed with many services and systems. No investment in proprietary technology.
  • The intelligence/features of Hosted IP Telephony reside on servers at the service provider. The service provider is responsible for upgrades and enhancements.
  • New features are accessible to you the instant they are installed by the service provider. Because features are continuously developed and uploaded, replacing “old features”, there is no feature obsolescence.


Ability to “right size”

  • No need to purchase a massive “chassis” to plan for future growth.
  • No possibility of “outgrowing” an initial system.
  • Add additional users simply by adding IP phones or terminal adapters.
  • Redeploy individual IP phones as individuals move among offices.
  • Reduce service plans in the event of a downsizing.

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