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Quick Connect USA provides voice and data solutions for business enterprises of all sizes. We understand fully that each company has different needs and goals. Voice is or can easily be reduced to data. Quick provides solutions to move both voice and data. We manipulate data, which is what our VoIP switching equipment and software does. Our solutions consist of legacy phone systems up to and including a blend of the latest cutting-edge technology. We frequently blend the two together to allow our customers to transition from the old to the new at a pace that is comfortable for them. We also process data and create automated systems that increase productivity by removing man hours from repetitive tasks. When voice or speech is reduced to data packets, we can manipulate same via computer programs to enhance such productivity in many different ways. Those companies that use the available features gain the most productivity increases and therefore save the most. New features are contentedly invented. In today’s highly competitive business environment, those companies that adopt VoIP and actually use the features will have the lowest overhead and a structural advantage over their competitors that do not.


You have heard of VoIP - Short for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Quick owns and operates its own VoIP switching and feature platform. VoIP is more flexible than traditional telephone service and can save an enterprise a tremendous amount of man hours, along with the cost of network and phone system hardware, and enhanced features. In addition, it is more user-friendly and results in increased productivity of a company’s employee time. Our Platform provides all the traditional features of a PBX so customers no longer have to purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars of such equipment or employee a staff to operate and maintain one. Instead, Quick employees the staff and the cost of periodic up dates necessary to keep up with changing area codes and technological advances. In the VoIP world, there is NO geography. All “lines or telephone numbers” are considered to be located at a single physical location. This means intercom calling is a reality among all “lines” purchased from Quick, whether they are located in 10 offices, in ten different cities, or states, or countries. Intercom means four-digit dialing and NO calling fees among the group of numbers. There is an immediate cost savings for multi branch or location companies since calls between locations never reach the telephone network, and are merely free intercom calls. Almost every company buys caller ID with name. But very few actually make good use of this service. Let Quick show you how to effectively use it.


VoIP Mobile Telephones – Coming soon will be Cell phones that can also access Wi-Fi internet hot spots for IP calling through our VoIP switch. When used in the Wi-Fi mode the hand held device becomes a virtual part of your corporate VoIP network and all of the home office features and pricing. So, next time you are sitting in a Wi-Fi coffee shop, your (dual mode cell phone) can receive a call transfer from your office. Think of the savings of making VoIP calls instead of those expensive cell phone calls. Of course you still want the convenience of calling when driving, but you will be able to buy the cheapest cellular calling plan because you will likely make most of your mobile calls from Wi-Fi hot spots. Call from your mobile device to your colleague in the office by simply dialing your colleague’s four digit extension. Out of a Wi-Fi zone? Don’t worry! The mobile device will automatically switch to a cellular signal, just like a regular cellular phone. The PBX functions and features are only enabled while the mobile phone is connected to a Wi-Fi signal. We also have similar devices that are Wi-Fi exclusive for those companies that want the benefits of VoIP, but reject the high cost of cellular. Quick can also turn any office or facility into a Wi-Fi hot spot zone.


Design, install, and ongoing service. The Michigan Republican Party moved into its new 10,000 sq. foot offices in April, 2006. Quick saved the party nearly $100,000 in wiring, installation, and equipment costs. This was achieved by working with the party’s technology specialists to design and install a unified voice and data network that supports 65 Cisco IP phone stations, high speed internet feeds, broadcast fax, and email. Quick technicians, working on a tight schedule, implemented all wiring and configurations within a 20 day window. The party will experience thousands of dollars in ongoing saved costs. No longer do they require maintenance and extended warranty contracts on vendor equipment, nor do they need the cost of on-premises IT staff or contract vendors, as all the functionality and features of their phone system are hosted by Quick at its secure Southfield, Michigan operations center. The cost of maintenance and technological upgrades of every vendor-sold phone system are born by Quick and shared among hundreds of customers, which is built into the monthly service charge. This monthly service charge is still less than any telephone vendor would charge for just service alone.


The perfect time to change to our cost saving technology is whenever a business seeks to occupy new offices or to remodel their existing offices. Another example of the perfect candidate is the company with plans to expand and they find out their legacy phone system requires additional investment to do so.


Customer controlled conference calling - Quick provides voice conference calling at very low rates for up to 100 simultaneous participants; and the customer is in total control of muting any or all of the participants, or calling for votes for any issues on the table during the calls. The customer clicks on their “favorites” button, located on their on their PC Internet browser, and up pops a web portal where the customer creates the time, date and parameters of the call. A toll free 800 number is assigned for all the participants to use. Need a conference in 10 minutes? Just click and enjoy!!


Conference calling with “Chat”. This coming service is designed to integrate a voice conference call with all the participants PCs. When accessed, a chat window appears on every one’s PC screen within which images, graphs, charts and documents can be displayed for all to see during the call.


Full blown Video conference calls. Coming in 2007. Will require participants to each have their own web cam and sufficient bandwidth. But once in place, each participant will be able to see the speeker on their PC screens. Quick can custom install the means necessary to make the video appear on a television set or flat screen wall mounted monitor.


Contract Computer Programming - Quick is an electronic computer-controlled enterprise. We intake millions of raw call records from multiple sources and process them into invoices for electronic and paper delivery each month. You are welcome to visit our premises to see how we have integrated VoIP into our operations and created the nearly totally automated business process. It all starts with computer generated sales forms. We manually enter data to build each customer account and hand off the ongoing monthly work to our computers and servers for near human less processing . We monitor our activities and all the devises on our network and at the customer premises on a 24/7 basis. Trends are graphed, alarms sound, which trigger color changes in graphical outputs, automatically generated emails and telephone calls to pre-determined list of persons, which advise of the causes of the alarms. Come and see the power of the network and automation in use.


Our programmers are available for custom projects; from website design to database engineering. Our programmers program in any Intel-based language, using C++, SQL Server, Visual Basic, .Net, and assembly language.


Need an automated web-based portal where your customers can visit to track the status of their orders or deliveries? Do you generate automatic invoices and present them online to your customers? Would you like to and also be able to print them in a single seamless process?


Oh, yes, we host computer application programs and web sites so you do not have to employ the equipment and staff to maintain same.


Disaster Storage and Recovery - How do you actually know that your sensitive data is truly stored on a daily basis? Do you trust a human to actually do this each day and every day without fail? Is the stored disk left on premises so that a fire can destroy both the original and all the other stored copies? Are you a medical provider with a federal duty to ensure that exact copies of your patient information and billing data is made each day and secure in an off premises location? Would it not be prudent for all entities to adhere to this standard? Quick provides high speed, off premises, automatic (computer controlled) storage of all data selected by a customer. In the early morning hours each day, our program starts up and polls each server and PC on the customer’s network for any changes made and sends same to our secured servers. Hard disk crashes? Infected by worms and viruses that corrupt your original data? Does a malicious hacker gain entry and intentionally erase all your hard drives? No problem, call us and we will burn you an exact copy of your data as of the last early morning file transfer. Sleep at night, knowing that you can re-start your business with all its billing data and accounts receivable information the next day. Yes, our facility is shielded to protect against electronic hacker, plus up to a near direct hit by a nuclear device.


Plan old telephone service - Quick also offers traditional telephone service over copper wires along with all the traditional telephone features (call waiting, forwarding, and voicemail) together with local, long distance, international calling, and toll free (800) calling. Since Quick is a licensed regulated local telephone company, we are able to buy every service provided by SBC/AT&T at wholesale. In turn, we re-sell their services at our lower prices.


Internet Access at Nearly Any Speed - We provide regulated telephone service over high capacity telephone lines known as T-1s. T-1s can provide up to 23 individual secure telephone “lines” or can be used to provide both “lines” and high speed data transmissions in intervals of 64 kilobits per second for each “line” that is not used for voice. As an example, if a company were to use 12 lines exclusively for voice, the remaining 768 kbs could be used for data. T-1s speeds are bi-directional; meaning in the previous example, the speed is 768 Kbs in both directions, at the same time. Today most data transmissions are for Internet access, meaning sending/receiving transmissions to and from the Internet or servers (sites) connected to the Internet. However, we also provide dedicated point-to-point data circuits and virtual private networks.


Internet access. We specialize in high speed Internet connections. Bond two T-1s together for 3 mega bits per second of bi-directional bandwidth. Quick is to its knowledge the states only authorized partner for both Charter Cable and Comcast enabling it to resell any commercial Internet product they offer. And what is not generally available, lamba (individual light frequency within a fiber thread) or a fiber thread point-to-point connectivity between locations, for very high end and well financed customers.


We provide all speeds of Internet access, because we are an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We are dual homed for duplicity, and control our own pool of Internet addresses.


Coming Attraction
Security Cameras with “Real Time” Images. Security cameras that pass “real time” images over the Internet for viewing by anyone who has the web portal address and the correct user name and password. Imagine you or your security forces, viewing all aspects of your office or warehouse from your home PC or laptop on vacation, at any time you want. Have a second home? Set up cameras at both, and check out the one you left, anytime, anywhere.