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Hosted PBX For Business

Save Money. Save time. Save headaches.

Let Quick Connect USA manage your IT, Voice, and Data Services for you!

It’s simple. Our bundled solutions save you time and money. Quick Connect USA offers fully-managed, bundled services to integrate and simplify your IT business operations.

Our business solutions include a variety of hosted applications to support voice, data, Internet, unified messaging, the ability to manage your own features, call distribution, and more.

Services and pricing are customizable to fit your needs.

The benefits are endless!

· Productivity
Quick Connect USA productivity applications enhance basic business voice telephony services and increase an employee’s productivity level. Productivity applications include the following tools:
- Voice conferencing
- Voice mail
- Unified messaging- Including:
     1. Voice, fax, and email messages all in one mailbox
     2. Access messages via touch tone phone, web, or email
     3. Personal fax number

· Mobility
Quick Connect USA mobility applications move with the end-user. They are designed so work can be conducted anywhere at any time, without leaving the conveniences of the office phone and web portal. Mobility applications include:
- Remote office/home office functionality with “four-digit” dialing capabilities. Just dial a colleague’s extension from another location as if you were located in the next office!
- Follow-me features
- Wi-fi support
- Softphone

· Business Applications
Quick Connect USA’s Business Applications help to make the customer’s enterprise as a whole more productive by managing the business communication process. The Quick Connect business customer will gain a whole new set of capabilities to offer their enterprise customers to strengthen customer loyalty and generate substantial revenue. Business applications include:
- Call Center – including:
     1. Automated Call Distribution
     2. Music on hold
     3. Multiple Routing Options
- Automated Attendant
- Customize announcements and call routing hierarchy to fit business needs
- Voice Virtual Private Network

Business Trunking Solution - for enhancing an existing PBX System

A Business Trunking Solution will enhance a customer’s existing PBX system by integrating traditional legacy telephony customers into the IP network. This is made possible by providing data and telephony on the same trunk to the Public Switch Telephone Network, or set up legacy customers for a growth path into hosted IP telephony either as a complete switchover or as a gradual growth solution. The basic business trunking capability from Quick Connect USA enables customers to connect to existing key systems and PBXs using an Integrated Access Device (IAD). Traditional PBX customers retain their PBX/key system feature set and can be given access to next-generation Quick Connect USA enhanced applications, while those additional IP telephony users have access to the full range of Quick Connect USA 6000 IP Centrex or Hosted PBX features and applications. The service provider can set up dialing plans and star codes to make dialing differences transparent to end users in such a mixed telephony environment.

IP Centrex Business

An IP Centrex brings the power of next-generation telephony to customers who will no longer have to invest in PBX equipment and its maintenance or rely on older Centrex service. The Quick Connect USA VoIP Application Server's IP Centrex feature set works with analog phones and includes even more features when deployed with IP telephones. The Quick Connect USA IP Centrex can be used to provide a VoIP virtual private network for a shared feature set across multiple business locations and home-based employees.

The partitioning and administration capabilities of the Quick Connect USA IP Centrex enable it to be quickly rolled out with customized service environments to each customer.

IP Centrex Features
976/900 Block Forward to Voice Mail
Call Forward All Calls Group Pickup
Call Forward Busy Hold Last Number Redial
Call Forward Do Not Disturb Message Waiting Indication
Call Forward No Answer Multi-Channel Park
Call Forward Out of Service Music-On-Hold
Call Intercept Mute
Call Return Non-DID
Call Transfer, Blind & Guided N-way Conferencing
Call Waiting Off-Premises Stations
Call Waiting/Caller ID One-touch Transfer
Caller ID On-Hook Dialing
Caller ID Block Priority Call List
CDR Billing Selective Call Block List
Classes of Service Call Selective Call Forward List
Restrictions Single-Channel Park
Date/Time Display Speed Dials
Direct Inward Dial (DID) Station-to-Station Dialing
Do Not Disturb Transfer to Voice Mail

Hosted PBX for Business

Bring the power of a corporate PBX to enterprise customers who will no longer have to invest in PBX equipment and its maintenance. The Quick Connect USA VoIP Application Server's robust feature set provides a complete business phone solution, especially when deployed with the integrated enhanced applications suite. IP phones enable the fullest use of the feature set while traditional analog phones and legacy users can also enjoy broad functionality.

Small to medium-size businesses can use the Quick Connect USA Hosted PBX to obtain a level of phone service usually available only to larger companies with PBX equipment. This includes many additional features beyond those available in the IP Centrex set. Businesses with multiple locations will appreciate the multi-location VoIP VPN capabilities of the Quick Connect USA Hosted PBX. A single corporate directory, extension dialing, and an enhanced feature set work across multiple locations including remote workers such as hunt groups, voice mail forwarding, and much more.

The partitioning and administration capabilities of the Quick Connect USA Hosted PBX enable the solution to be quickly rolled out with customized service environments to each customer. Customers can be given additional control of their account with Move, Add, and Change (MAC) administrative access to save money on MACs and to relieve the service provider of these simple tasks.

Quick Connect USA Hosted PBX Features
Abbreviated 2-digit dialing Group Pickup Hunt Groups
Additional DIDs Intercom
Anonymous Call Rejection Multiple Station Appearances/Bridged Line Appearances
Authorization Codes On-Net Flexible Routing
Automated Attendant with Time of Day Routing Permanent Per Call Block
Billing/Account Codes Privacy Guard
Call Back Queuing for All Trunks Busy Remote Call Forward
Call Trace Time of Day Routing
Call Waiting/ID Manager  
Directed Call Pickup Distinctive Ringing  
Enterprise Administration  
All Quick Connect USA business services are fully-managed with personalized customer service and immediate response time.

For more information regarding our business solutions, please contact a Quick Connect USA sales representative, 1 (800) GO-QUICK.