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Please contact us so that we can have a person to person discussion of your needs and goals. Each customer is different and we customize each solution. The topics we provide on this site are generic to VoIP service and highly educational.

Traditional phone systems have station or line limits for inbound trunks and stations within a company's premise. A growing company facing line limits needs to invest capital to expand its phone system. Expanding a company's phone system is expensive and time-consuming. A company must call an equipment vendor to schedule phone installations and its service provider to install additional lines.

A VoIP phone system can be expanded merely by adding station sets or "lines" by programming certain information into the phone handset and plugging it into a high speed Internet connection. We merely add a telephone number to your network for each such occasion. Hence you can have any number of phones or "lines" between 7 and 10,000 in a single Virtual Private Network where all the features described in this web site work with and among all the phones, telephone numbers, or lines that you have in service with Quick up to 10,000. The next step of between 10,000 and 99,999 numbers would require a special 6 digit intercom dialing plan.

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